Saturday, August 20, 2005

DD prompt - draw something magic, draw a snail or snail shell and draw crystal. This is a magic mushroom, a snail and some crystal. I drew these with black pen and scanned them into the computer. Then I coloured them in photoshop. Posted by Picasa


DD prompt - Draw your initial decoratively. My initial is L and here again is a a pencil drawing on thin paper. Oh... and another frog! Posted by Picasa


DD prompt - Draw a robot. Who else remembers these guys. I am not sure about how correct the drawing is from memory but at least its recognisable. The Daleks are cool robots. Posted by Picasa


DD prompt - draw something crawling out of a bucket. Anyone who knows me would have guessed I would draw something like this. I love frogs and have been practising capturing the images from my head. I think I am improving! Pencils again on that lovely thin paper. Posted by Picasa


DD prompt for this one was Draw a fragmented image or puzzle. I just drew one piece of the puzzle. Drawn on the fine paper with pencils again. Posted by Picasa

Nine of cups

Daily Drawing prompt for this drawing was, draw a tarot card. I have never seen tarot cards but I think I remember something about there being cups so I drew some cups. I found a notebook with some very thin, fine paper in it which gives coloured pencils a very vivid, crisp look. I have been using it quite a bit lately. This drawing is black pen and coloured pencil. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 05, 2005

DD prompts - Draw a weapon and draw a bottle. The gun was done with a black pen and coloured in photoshop andthe bottle is a quick pen drawing coloured with watercolour pencils again! Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - Draw a carnivorous plant and Draw a photo frame. I used coloured ball point pens to do the plant and I like it alot. I like the effect the pens created. The frame is just a quick black pen sketch coloured with watercolour pencils. I used photoshop to put another earlier prompt into the frame. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - Draw a book. I have drawn here a quick ink drawing of the book I am currently drawing and coloured it in photoshop. Posted by Picasa
Every Day Matters challenge #26. Draw a vegetable. I have used watercolour pencils to do this one. One of my favourite vegetables, The red capsicum. Much nicer than the green one! I use this in nearly every meal I cook at home (except breakfast) So there is always at least one in the bottom of the fridge. Posted by Picasa