Sunday, December 31, 2006

EDM challenge #97 - Draw a present you recieved.

I have wanted one of these for ever!(well for a few years now anyway) and my darling gave me this one for Christmas. I love it! I have just about labelled everything in the house (If I can just find that cat!) Its a bit of a wonky drawing done with black pen in my sketchbook with just a little water colour.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Sketches.

A holiday with a difference, Here are some sketches from my sketchbook done while we were away on our recent cruise adventure.

1: Firstly, here are some drawings of passengers at the airport and on the plane.
2: Then, this is from inside the suite we had. Great room! The view from 2 angles.
3: From the balcony of our suite, this is the view of the church, a single yacht, and another of some boats at Lifou.
4: We went on a tour in Lifou to the Cliffs of Jokin. This hut was at the lookout at the cliffs.

5: The beach scene here is the beach at Lifou.

6: This chair is on the balcony of the suite and then their is the view as I looked back at the ship from out in the bay in Vila. 7: Here we have the stalls on the dock at Vila, locals all waiting to sell you some souvenirs. We went on a tour to some gardens and I drew the bird, the dog and the plant there.
8: I went snorkeling at Vila. I loved that so much, here are some pictures os some of the fish I saw. I drew these from Photos.

All drawings are ink and watercolour!

Mallacoota Madness 2006

These are some drawings from my sketchbook I did while we were away in Mallacoota, November 2006.
We visit our friends at the caravan park here every year.

1: The first one is our friends boat, at his mooring.
2: Then there is a rower that was rowing past on the lake, that one was hard to draw because once he was gone.....he was gone!
3: Here are 2 fishermen in their little tinnie trying to catch the big one!
4: This is a little sketch I did of 2 small children by the lake.

5: This sketch is of the tree in front of our friends caravan. They book the same site every year. Its a great big tree that gives heaps of shade.

6: One of the fishing friends around the caravan park is Barney, one of the loveliest fella's you could ever meet, he is here every year with his equally lovely wife Betty. This is Barney fishing from the moorings.

7: This is a quick sketch of another of the regular site folk. We see Linda and her husband every year, another 2 of the beautiful people!

8: This was one of the Van folk doing a little birdwatching? ( I think he's trying to figure out where the boats are catching the most fish!) He didn't know I was drawing him and he was hard to capture because he kept moving!

9: Trying to capture the seagulls is always a challenge for me. I think I did pretty well this year!