Friday, July 28, 2006

More DD Prompts.

This Drawing is for the prompt: Draw something with an Egyptian theme. Drawn with a black pen and coloured with watercolours. I used a photo from online for inspiration.
This Prompt - Draw something that is bad for you. Smoking is bad for you! Its been six years since I have smoked, I don't miss it at all. I am probably your typical ex-smoker in that I hate everything about it and am pretty verbal about it. Never thought I would be but there it is! Drawn with Pitt brush pen and watercolours, no particular brand and drawn from memory.
Draw a glass with ice in it. This was a difficult one to do as we have no ice in the freezer so I did this one from memory using just the black pen,
Draw a terrestrial globe. I had to think about this one because to be honest, I didn't Know what a "Terrestrial" Globe was. I knew what a globe was but when you add the Terrestrial it gets a bit confusing,. Well it did to me anyway.
Drawn with the Pitt brush pen and watercolour using a photo from online as inspiration. Draw a full bookshelf. I used the Pitt pen and watercolours again here and I love the look it has given the drawing.
Draw a motorcycle. I recently did the same prompt for EveryDayMatters so I decided to this one a little differently and added the cyclist as well. I used an image from online for inspiration and drew this drawing using just the black technical pen.

DD Prompt - Draw something from a book read recently/a sea creature.

The first one is a picture of an scene described in a Dean Koontz book I just finished. It is called "Velocity" and in it, He describes a large wooden sculpture on the hillside that is going to be burnt when it is finished, in the name of art! It was a pretty good book and Dean Koontz is one of my Favourite Authors. Drawn with black pen and watercolours.

The second drawing is a squid, drawn with the Pitt brush pen and watercolours.

DD Prompts - Draw a desert scene/Draw an empty shell.

For these drawings I have used black pen and watercolours and The Pitt brush pen and watercolours.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Daily Drawing in my sketchbook.

I haven't been doing the prompts very often this month, just the pirate so far but I have been drawing every day, I have decided to give my mind a rest and use my eyes a bit to do some drawing from life. Best of all, I have thrown the greylead away for this sketchbook and I am pleased with the results. Here are what I've drawn lately. As you can see, I do alot of sketching in my work breaks!

DD prompt - draw a pirate.

He's based on Jack Sparrow but funnily, he doesn't look like Johnny Depp! Black pen and prismacolors.

EDM Challenge #75 - Draw and journal a recipe.

This is not really a recipe, more like a discovery! Something we both like and both can eat without any problems! Great find. I get 2 serves each out of 1 cooking effort!
Its a packet mix for a potato bake similar to scalloped potatoes my mum made when I was young.

Monday, July 03, 2006

EDM Challenge #69 - Draw a beveridge.

I went with Lindsay to take the birds on a early morning training toss to Avenel, about an hours drive from home. Theres a truck stop with a cafe there. I got a take away coffee and held on to the cup for 2 days with the intention of drawing it. Drawing Done! but the patterns on the wavy cup surface were too much so I left them off. Watercolour pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw a Scarecrow.

Another online photo inspired drawing. I used a Pitt brush pen and watercolour pencils for this one.

DD Prompt - Draw some kind of ride.

I used a photo hunted down online to draw this one. I love the way it turned out. Black pen and watercolour pencil.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

DD Prompt - Sum up June.

This has been a very cold month here in Melbourne. I am not one for wearing hats and scarves but the weather and the freezing conditions I am forced to work in dictated that I had to or freeze my ears off!! This is a graphite self portrait of me wearing a hat and scarf set my mum knitted for me. Coloured in Photoshop.

DD Prompt - Draw a spider

This is a picture of the Golden Orb spider. I took The photo I used to do this in Queensland last year. This spider was about as big as my hand. It is named for its golden coloured web.

EDM Challenge #74 - Clouds.

This is a representation of a lovely photo. I used it to try and recreate the clouds. I thought watercolours would be a good medium to try to do this with and a good excuse to use some masking fliud. It was a fun experiment. I quite like the way it turned out, the flowers are a little crisper in person but the scanner seemed to focus on the clouds which is what the purpose of the exercise was anyway.

EDM Challenge #71 - Draw something representing your Fav. Sport.

This is by no means representational of my favourite sport (which, by the way, is rollerblading for participation and diving for watching.) but a small watercolour for a bit of fun. Not my best medium, I am trying to learn to paint with watercolours, not because I want to be proficient or even a half good watercolourist. I just want to know what I'm dealing with when I do choose to use them. I found this photo of this little pup running with the ball and decided I couldn't not try to paint him/her.