Sunday, September 25, 2005

EDM challengs #31-Draw a collection and #32-Draw something metallic.

I've cheated a little by combining the 2 challenges. I am a big frog collector and this is a very small piece of my frog collection, the first one, (top left) is a gold pin, next (top right) is a pewter pin, next (bottom right) is a silver pin with moveable joints and lastly is a enamelled gold purfume clip that opens up and has solid purfume inside. These are drawn with graphite pencils and the last with colour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt, draw a landscape, I drew this one from my imagination with black pen and coloured with water paints. I really like this drawing. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt, draw 2 people interacting. Drawn with black pen and clour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt, Draw a compass, DD prompt, draw a creature with 4 sets of limbs, I went a little overboard and drew a little centipede. DD prompt, draw a new skin for you media player and DD prompt, draw an elf. Nice mushroom! All done with coloured pencils and black pen. Posted by Picasa
DD prompts, Draw a cute critter, something like a Pokemon character. Then Draw his trransformation. The transformation is as cute as his alter ego. I guess Ugly isn't my thing! Well Maybe it is if you consider the DD prompt, Draw Virgo, She is a bit ugly!! The last is DD prompt, draw a colour pencil drawing. I like the colour pencils on the black, they look pretty cool. These are all coloured pencil on coloured paper. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005

EDM challenges #28 - Appliance and #30 - Chair.

These 2 are for the EDM challenges #28 - Appliance and #30 - Chair. The appliance was another black pen and watercolour image I drew on sketchcrawl day and the chair (stool) is a graphite drawing of one of the many wheeled items I have changes the wheels on in the past few months!! Posted by Picasa

EDM challenges #27-Book and #5 - Bed

These are for the EDM challenges #27-Book and #5 bed. I have been meaning to get to these for ages and finally on Sketchcrawl day, I did a heap of drawing! The book is a new sketchbook I bought recently for the spiral alone. I am a trades person and the big steel spiral appealed to the Fitter part of me. The paper is very thin and colour pencils come to life on it. As for the bed, this was one of the few times it was actually made! Black pen and watercolour paint. Posted by Picasa