Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another frog sketch!

This is gorgeous. I love the way the watercolours mixed and stained down the side of the frog. Its feet are too big and its head is too small but I love it anyway! Black pen and watercolours

Looking for something interesting.

It Can be a little difficult to find something stimulating to draw sometimes. I settled on this tiny little stuffed dog that sit with a small collection of miniature stuffed toys I have from my childhood. It came out looking a little cute. Black pen and watercolours.

EDM #101 - Draw soap!

This one really was a bit of a challenge. I decided to do the watercolour painting with just a fine pencil line for the first one to see if I could actually give it any dimention this way. Not very successful but interesting and the second one was done with the usual black pen and watercolour.
The soap, taken from Crown Towers, melbourne, last time we stayed there, is still in its wrapper.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

EDM Challenges #52,#94,#98 and #90

I have made a promise to myself that I will draw more. I have been doing well so far and have been using the challenges to get me going.
Here is Challenge #52 - draw a dog. I drew this sketch of my dog Molly.
This is Challenge #94 - Draw a spoon. The reflection of the spoon was visible as well as the shadow.
EDM Challenge #98 - Draw Anything. I decided that this picture of one of my many frog fridge magnets would fit the bill.

Lastly here is EDM Challenge #90 - Draw something sweet. Nectarines are sweet! All Drawings are done using a black pen and water colour pencils as well as water colours.