Sunday, December 31, 2006

EDM challenge #97 - Draw a present you recieved.

I have wanted one of these for ever!(well for a few years now anyway) and my darling gave me this one for Christmas. I love it! I have just about labelled everything in the house (If I can just find that cat!) Its a bit of a wonky drawing done with black pen in my sketchbook with just a little water colour.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Sketches.

A holiday with a difference, Here are some sketches from my sketchbook done while we were away on our recent cruise adventure.

1: Firstly, here are some drawings of passengers at the airport and on the plane.
2: Then, this is from inside the suite we had. Great room! The view from 2 angles.
3: From the balcony of our suite, this is the view of the church, a single yacht, and another of some boats at Lifou.
4: We went on a tour in Lifou to the Cliffs of Jokin. This hut was at the lookout at the cliffs.

5: The beach scene here is the beach at Lifou.

6: This chair is on the balcony of the suite and then their is the view as I looked back at the ship from out in the bay in Vila. 7: Here we have the stalls on the dock at Vila, locals all waiting to sell you some souvenirs. We went on a tour to some gardens and I drew the bird, the dog and the plant there.
8: I went snorkeling at Vila. I loved that so much, here are some pictures os some of the fish I saw. I drew these from Photos.

All drawings are ink and watercolour!

Mallacoota Madness 2006

These are some drawings from my sketchbook I did while we were away in Mallacoota, November 2006.
We visit our friends at the caravan park here every year.

1: The first one is our friends boat, at his mooring.
2: Then there is a rower that was rowing past on the lake, that one was hard to draw because once he was gone.....he was gone!
3: Here are 2 fishermen in their little tinnie trying to catch the big one!
4: This is a little sketch I did of 2 small children by the lake.

5: This sketch is of the tree in front of our friends caravan. They book the same site every year. Its a great big tree that gives heaps of shade.

6: One of the fishing friends around the caravan park is Barney, one of the loveliest fella's you could ever meet, he is here every year with his equally lovely wife Betty. This is Barney fishing from the moorings.

7: This is a quick sketch of another of the regular site folk. We see Linda and her husband every year, another 2 of the beautiful people!

8: This was one of the Van folk doing a little birdwatching? ( I think he's trying to figure out where the boats are catching the most fish!) He didn't know I was drawing him and he was hard to capture because he kept moving!

9: Trying to capture the seagulls is always a challenge for me. I think I did pretty well this year!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

EDM Challenge #79 - Draw an ear.

These are some ears I drew. I am still working on learning how to draw portraits and these are exercises from the book I am using. They are both done using colour pencils, Derwent colours and the colour one is highlighted and burnished with prisma colors.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

An Evening at DrSketchy's.-EDM 36 and 72.

During the week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a drawing session at "The Butterfly Club" in South Melbourne.
Here, The models dress in burlesque clothing and pose for us, the sketchers. I have been wanting to do this type of sketching for such a long time and it was fantastic to actually get the chance. Tonight's model was "Sparkarella".
Here are a few of the better sketches I came up with. My materials are black Uniball pen and charcoal in a A4 sketch book.
These drawings also qualify for 2 of the EDM challenges. Challenge 36 - Draw out in public and challenge 72 - draw somewhere new.!
I will definitely be going to another one of these! Great fun!

Sketches from my Sketch Book.

These sketches are from my 5 x 7 sketchbook. I have sketched some small frog figurines from my collection using a black uniball pen and coloured them with watercolours.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Daily Drawing prompts.

These are the latest daily drawing prompts that I have drawn. Not necessarily the latest prompts but the latest drawings! All drawn from my imagination/memory except for the griffin which was drawn from clipart. Drawn with black pen and coloured with watercolours. The lego and apple are coloured with prismacolor pencils.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Daily Drawings

Here are a few prompts I drew some time ago but had yet to post.
I have not been doing daily drawings for the last few weeks as I have been busy doing other artistic things.
I thought I would get these up and start doing a few more these coming weeks.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Daily Drawing Prompts.

I didn't get alot of time for drawing this week but I did come up with these few. They are all drawn with a black pen and coloured with watercolour pencils. I have a bit of a thing for the watercolour pencils this week and playing with layering colours together to try to create dimension.

1. For the prompt - Draw a treasure chest, I have drawn this wooden trunk with coins in it. I tried to give it an old worlde kind of look but I think it looks a bit more western. I think the coins came out pretty successfully.
2. For this next prompt - Draw a doughnut, I have well, drawn a doughnut, or two. Again, layering colours to try to create dimension. I was going to do a chocolate one with the pink one but, I thought that would be a little too much brown!
3. This next drawing was just for a little fun. Its from the front of a cheap greeting card. The shell came out all wrong but I still like the way the turtle came out on the whole.4. Lastly, This one was draw for the Prompt - Draw something to do with Bees. This kind of came out looking like a hornets nest...or not, actually, I don't know what a hornets nest looks like! Ok, Its a Bee Condo!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

DD Prompt - Draw something hooked/a hook.

This drawing is in the style of a set of ATCs I did last year. I actually got the idea from some cushion I made for the couch, the material has a picture of a fish with lots of bright colours that I love, so, styled on these, I drew this poor hooked fishy. Drawn with black pen and coloured with watercolour paints.

DD Prompt - Draw a scene inside a cave.

This little drawing is a sleeping bear hibernating the winter away. Drawn with my black pen and coloured with watercolour pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw a representation of an element.

I'm not sure this was how "elements" was supposed to be interpreted but I took this as "Draw my representation of the elements", I have drawn earth, wind, fire and water. It is somewhat abstract but the elements are there. Drawn with a Pitt brush pen and coloured with watercolour paints.

DD Prompts - Draw a mushroom and Draw a bag/backpack..

The mushroom is drawn with a black Pitt brush pen and coloured with water colour paints. I saw some vandalism on a shop side wall once with four or five mushrooms drawn in a similar fashion to this and now whenever I draw mushrooms they look alot like this.
The backpack is from my imagination/memory. Drawn with my black pen and coloured with watercolour pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw something sitting in a tree.

These little guys look like a cross between sugar gliders and rats. Drawn from my imagination I guess I drew on some remembered aspects from both if not more species, I think I see a little ring tail possum too. Drawn with my trusty black pen and coloured with watercolour paints.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sketches from my sketchbook.

Here are some sketches from my sketchbook. I haven't been doing the daily prompts or even drawing daily but I am drawing as much as I can. Quite a few of these were done in the Boiler House at Footscray hospital as it is a good opportunity for me to draw because I have a little waiting to do there. Some of these were also from the scavenger hunt at WetCanvas last week.

1. First is a very large valve.

2. An alarm panel in the boiler house!
3. Obviously, a hairbrush and some batteries in the back of the remote control.
4. My favourite toy, well one of them, Gameboy and my favourite gameboy game.
5. Oxy-Acetylene, gas welding set.
6. My mobile phone.
7. The kitchen sink and the plug from it.
8. Electric shaver and one of my drawing pens.
9. A pump from a large plant room at work.
10. Tools from my tool box! Well, some of them.

Friday, July 28, 2006

More DD Prompts.

This Drawing is for the prompt: Draw something with an Egyptian theme. Drawn with a black pen and coloured with watercolours. I used a photo from online for inspiration.
This Prompt - Draw something that is bad for you. Smoking is bad for you! Its been six years since I have smoked, I don't miss it at all. I am probably your typical ex-smoker in that I hate everything about it and am pretty verbal about it. Never thought I would be but there it is! Drawn with Pitt brush pen and watercolours, no particular brand and drawn from memory.
Draw a glass with ice in it. This was a difficult one to do as we have no ice in the freezer so I did this one from memory using just the black pen,
Draw a terrestrial globe. I had to think about this one because to be honest, I didn't Know what a "Terrestrial" Globe was. I knew what a globe was but when you add the Terrestrial it gets a bit confusing,. Well it did to me anyway.
Drawn with the Pitt brush pen and watercolour using a photo from online as inspiration. Draw a full bookshelf. I used the Pitt pen and watercolours again here and I love the look it has given the drawing.
Draw a motorcycle. I recently did the same prompt for EveryDayMatters so I decided to this one a little differently and added the cyclist as well. I used an image from online for inspiration and drew this drawing using just the black technical pen.

DD Prompt - Draw something from a book read recently/a sea creature.

The first one is a picture of an scene described in a Dean Koontz book I just finished. It is called "Velocity" and in it, He describes a large wooden sculpture on the hillside that is going to be burnt when it is finished, in the name of art! It was a pretty good book and Dean Koontz is one of my Favourite Authors. Drawn with black pen and watercolours.

The second drawing is a squid, drawn with the Pitt brush pen and watercolours.

DD Prompts - Draw a desert scene/Draw an empty shell.

For these drawings I have used black pen and watercolours and The Pitt brush pen and watercolours.