Tuesday, June 28, 2005

DD prompt - Draw a castle in a unique location. I have drawn my castle on the top of a cliff. I used watercolours and black pen. I have enjoyed doing these scene type drawings and having to depend entirely on my imagination and this is one muscle that doesn't get much exercise!!! These have been fun. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - draw a bucket being used. I have drawn a bucket being used to make a sand castle. I used colour pencils in this picture. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - draw what you dreamed. I used to dream that I could fly alot, even tried to once...that hurt!! Now I know I can't.! Posted by Hello
Daily Drawing prompt - do a tutorial. I found this tutorial online at learntodraw.com How to draw a chipmonk. My little guy came out ok but looked a bit boring just propped in the middle of the page so I drew a tree for him to climb.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 25, 2005

DD prompt - draw a baby anything. I drew this from a "how to draw baby animals" book I have. It's done in black ink and I love how its turned out. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - draw a scared rabbit/animal. I thought about this one for ages and had to just draw something to get it out of my head. Black pen, watercolour and colour pencil. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - Google turtle, draw. I did and drew this turtle from a photo image. Black ink and watercolours. I love this one alot. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - draw something rhyming with "that". I drew this at work and the first thing I see is this Helmet. For this exercise, It's a hat!! Black pen and watercolour. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - draw a singer..in Anime. I used the tutorial completely for this one and just changed the mouth. I have never drawn Anime before and really have never been interested in this type of drawing but it certainly makes drawing faces much easier. I like how she came out. Drawn with black pen and coloured with colour pencil. Posted by Hello
DD Prompt - draw you Fav movie star. I wonder who can guess who this is supposed to be. People were never my Forte. I copied this from a magazine picture. Drawn with graphite only. Posted by Hello
EDM challenge #18 - Whats out your window. I drew this at work. Out the office doors at Williamstown Hospital. I'm looking across at the Allied Health Department. There is a courtyard with some large potted trees and a wooden walkway, step thing they use for rehabilitation. It has a large sail over the top to give some shade. It's quite a nice area. Since the door windows are quite high. I was sitting on the desk to be able to actually see this much. I used a black pen and coloured it with coloured pencils. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

DD Prompt - draw a Disney character. I drew this image from a glass figurine we have at home. I used a little license in the colouring as I don't know exactly what colour he is with out looking it up!! Drawn with graphite and coloured with watercolours. I've been trying to figure out whats wrong with this picture for a while and I just got it...the left hand is around the wrong way!!! I swear its the same as the figurine!! Posted by Hello
DD Prompt - draw a line drawing of a musician playing. I have drawn this Keyboard player with a black pen. I scanned the original drawing and opened it in Photoshop, applied "Multiplty" to the layer, then I used a piece of digital patterned scrapbook paper as the background.  Posted by Hello
One of the very few things I have left over from my childhood, I can still play one or two tunes on this recorder. Posted by Hello
This is a drawing of one of the hand weights I made after a back injury, so I could do the recommended excercises for strengthening my stomach muscles, at work. I don't use them anymore but have held onto them. I made them out of bits and pieces lying around the workshop during one morning tea break! There is large allthread in the middle with a stainless steel sleeve as the handgrip. Many large washers together as the weights and a large nut each end to keep it all together and add to the weight. They weigh about 700gms each.
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Sunday, June 19, 2005

EDM challenge # 15. I'm a little behind with this one but here is a picture of a tree. This one is in an old planter in the backyard. It came with the house when we bought it. The previous owner said it was her christmas tree but I think its a bit straggly to use for that use! It has grown about 2 feet since we moved in 3 years ago. It stands about 8 feet tall. I'm surprised it has even lived!! We don't take much care of it. It's just a bit of a survivor and that's probably why I haven't just tossed it out. Posted by Hello
DD prompt for this drawing was "draw a crystal ball with a reading on it" I'm not sure what this drawing is all about but I think it may say a little about my subconcious!! It's drawn with black pen and coloured with colour pencils. Posted by Hello
DD prompt -draw what patience looks like- I drew this clock when I thought about this prompt and after drawing it thought, this is more like Impatience!! Never mind. This is my Clock of patience. I have drawn this with graphite pencil only. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - draw 2 children playing marbles, from the marbles view- another obscure prompt and one i didn't really think I could do but here it is! This is my hand and I think I'm a big kid. Posted by Hello
DD Prompt -draw someone sleeping- Here is a very little person in a very BIG bed!! I've drawn with an black pen and coloured with watercolours.  Posted by Hello
Daily drawing prompt for this drawing was "draw a girl in mans clothing. Pretty obscure if you ask me but I drew this Very manly looking girl wearing mens workboots. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

DD prompt, Draw money. I have drawn a tenner with a 50c coin sitting on it. This was good because I didn't actually know I had 10 dollars in my purse. Usually there are only a few coins, enough for a coffee each morning. Nice surprise! Posted by Hello
DD prompt - Draw your car. This is a picture of my little 1991 Mitzubishi Lancer. I had a lovely white 1992 Mitzubishi Galant before this but it was written off in a car accident and the insurance payout wasn't quite enough to buy the same model so I had to buy this slightly earlier and smaller and less luxurious little car. It has so far been an excellent buy. Very economical and reliable. I drew this with black pen and coloured it with watercolour paints. Posted by Hello
The prompt was something from the garden. This seat is in my garden! I love to sit here and throw he ball for my dog, she just keeps bringing it back. Then the other dog, Jemma parks herself in my lap and enjoys a belly rub. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - draw coins, money, a treasure chest. I have drawn this treasure chest. It is drawn with black pen and coloured with colour pencil. Posted by Hello