Monday, February 27, 2006

Looks Like I'm it!

Teri Tagged me to tell a few things about myself so here goes!
Makes for pretty ordinary reading though!

4 Jobs I've had.
Working backwards from today,
1. Maintenance Fitter and Turner at RMH
2. Maintenance Fitter and Turner at Heidleberg Repat'.
3. Dishwasher.
4. -

4 Movies I love.
1. Tomb Raider & Tomb Raider 2.
2. Stargate.
3. Fried Green Tomatoes.
4. Electric Dreams.

4 Places I've lived.
1. St Albans, Melbourne. Victoria.
2. Casterton, Country Victoria.
3. Ivanhoe, Melbourne. Victoria.
4. Footscray, Melbourne. Victoria.

4 TV Shows I watch.
1. Supernatural.
2. Medium.
3. Ghost Whisperer
4. Lost.

(I see a pattern here.)
4 Places I've vacationed.
1. Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
2. Port Douglas, Queensland.
3. Mallacoota, Victoria.
4. Lakes Entrance, Victoria.

4 Favourite dishes.
1. Steamed Dim Sims.
2. Pizza. made by me.
3. Pasta. Just about any variety.
4. Fajitas.

4 sites I visit Daily.
There a no sites I visit EVERY day.
Perhaps a few I visit regularly.
Pretty boring stuff though.
1. White Pages.
2. Smartsalary
3. Ticketek
4. Itunes

4 Places I'd rather be.
1. Nowhere, I'm fine right where I am.
4 Bloggers I'm tagging.
The tag stops here I'm afraid!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Something Metal.

DD prompt - Draw something metal. This is the ice cream scoop that our friends have up in thier caravan at mallacoota. Graphite pencils Posted by Picasa

Something Valentine.

DD prompt - Draw something Valentine. Another frog in black pen and colour pencil.. Posted by Picasa

Something Blue.

DD prompt - draw something blue. Yep. . another frog! A funny looking one on a blue bottle. Colour pencil and black pen. Posted by Picasa

Something in the boot of the car.

DD prompt - draw something you find in the boot of a car. Another frog drawing. Drawing with coloured pencil and black pen Posted by Picasa

Something in the bathroom.

DD prompt - Draw something you find in the bathroom. This is one of the many frog drawings I have been doing lately. I am trying to learn to draw them in any situation off the top of my head. I seem to be forgetting how to draw thier faces as I go?? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A childs toy.

DD prompt - draw a childs toy. I was baby sitting my sisters twins (well helping mum sit them) and while they were sleeping I decided I would draw. This is a little stuffed Hippo that is hanging on the top of the twins cot. Very colourful in real life but I decided to do it in Graphite only. Posted by Picasa