Sunday, May 29, 2005

Daily Drawing Prompts.

I have enjoyed the Daily prompts for this last week or so and have taken a little more time than usual with my drawing. Although my drawings may look very primitive, I think I have acheived alot since I started last November 2004. My favourite is the belly dancer who posed a small problem in that I haven't drawn the human form very often and from memory. She turned out better than I could have expected. The mermaid is one I have been wanting to do for some time now and I love how she came out. I like the ocean scene alot too.
Daily Drawing Prompt - Draw something aquatic. This little mermaid was done in black pen and coloured with coloured pencil. Something I've been wanting to draw for some time actually. I had alot of fun drawing this. Posted by Hello
Daily Drawin prompt - Draw something Egyptian. A fun little mummy drawing done with black pen and coloured with colour pencils. Posted by Hello
Daily drawing prompt - Draw a bejewelled lady. I drew this one at work in my lunch break with graphite and used metallic gel pens for all the jewels. I coloured her at home later with coloured pencils and watercolour paint over the top to give the sheer effect of the material. This one was fun to do. Posted by Hello
Daily drawing prompt - Draw a ocean view through a window. A pretty standard kind of ocean view with a cute little crab thrown in. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

While not actually a picture of my dinner, a picture of a much dreamed of dinner off in the distant future. (or perhaps on the weekend) "One hamburger with the lot, no egg, please" Posted by Hello
DD prompt, draw a flame or something with a flame. I think I took the easy out with this one. This was a quick graphite sketch that I coloured with colour pencil later. Posted by Hello
Another drawing done during my lunch break. Graphite pencil sketch of my hand holding the empty jar that held part of my lunch.  Posted by Hello
Drawn with pen and coloured with water colours. Drawn during my lunch break, These prompts are very useful at this time when I am usually at a loss at what to draw! Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005

EDM Challenge 14 is - draw the first thing I see in the morning, well this is it. The alarm clock. I drew this one in pen and after I scanned it, I coloured it in photoshop. This was fun. I will definitely do this again. Colouring in photoshop that is! Posted by Hello
I drew this one in the car too. the prompt was "a volcano exploding" I coloured it when I got home with a bit of watercolour. I have seen some people colour thier pics in photoshop after scanning. I must try this some time as it looks pretty good. Posted by Hello
DD prompt - spider. While waiting in the car I drew this quick drawing of an imaginary spider. Glad it was in my imagination and not in the car with me. Posted by Hello
First picture published on this blog, The daily drawing prompt is "something exotic" this one shows the depth of my imagination at times is exactly zero but it is! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

My drawing for the EDM challenge #13. I drew this picture of the cordless phone. What did we do before these wonderful inventions. I love the cordless phone, better than a mobile, they never cut out and the reception is always crisp (that is until you go out of range). I enjoyed drawing this one. Took plenty of time with it, trying to get proportion and dimention right. I think I have succeeded and I Like the result. Posted by Hello