Sunday, May 01, 2005

My drawing for the EDM challenge #13. I drew this picture of the cordless phone. What did we do before these wonderful inventions. I love the cordless phone, better than a mobile, they never cut out and the reception is always crisp (that is until you go out of range). I enjoyed drawing this one. Took plenty of time with it, trying to get proportion and dimention right. I think I have succeeded and I Like the result. Posted by Hello


Robyn said...

This is a great sketch of your phone, Shelly. I like the way that you have added the label using a graphics program. It adds a degree of professionalism.

Let me know when you can use your cordless when you are at work or in the park :-)

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Linda said...

Wow -- this drawing is GREAT! You certainly did succeed in getting the proportions exactly right. Really really nice!

Laura said...

Gorgeous!! You got it right in all ways--- mass, volume, everything! And the piece de resistance is the cool turquoise shadow! A brilliant touch ;D.

About Get Well Trev said...

Your phone looks great! I hear you on trying to get proportions right—I always have my trusty eraser close at hand.


Anonymous said...

Terrific illustration!

just pat