Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tag List 3 - Fridge.

Tag list #3 - For this list I was to draw 5 items from my fridge. I have used black pen and prismacolours to do these drawings.

1: A tin of dog food with a plastic lid on it. Yes, I opened the can upside down. :)

This keeps my girls happy. See them here: molly and Jemma

2: Zuccini. I will use this in almost any dish, not my favoutite vegetable but a good filler.

3: One tomato. (these are the last of the vegies in the fridge as it is almost shop day)

4: Mmmm...Roast capsicum (red pepper) in a jar! Yummo!

5: Italian Dressing.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tag List 2 - Car.

These are the drawings for my second list. 5 things in my car. I keep my car pretty empty but there are these few things in it.
1:This flat battery came out of my beeper and has been sitting in the console for months.
2: Next is the remote control for our roller door at home. It is beside the house and gives access to the rear carport. It is usually in Lindsays (other halfs) car and I park out the front but for this week only Lindsay has a company car so I get to take the remote and park inside, Very nice it has been too!
3: The eTag is a device used by Citylink to collect tolls. I use the freeway (free- Not!) to get to work each morning and it is a tolled road in places. You have to top up your account every so often when the eTag beeps 3 times instead of 1.
4: This card allows me to open the boom gate to get into the car park at work.
5: This is a steering lock I bought when I bought my first car and it has traveled from car to car over the years. Last car I had, it didn't even fit the steering wheel and I haven't even tried it on the current car but for some reason I like to keep it around.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tag list 1 - Bag.

Penny tagged me. The challenge is to write or draw a list of five things from my purse, (I read bag), car, closet and fridge. I decided to draw the list but it turns out its a bigger job than i anticipated so I am going to post it in parts. This is part one - 5 things from my bag.
1: This is a wet suit material, sun glasses case I pulled out of a cereal box during an ironman promotion. It is perfect for carrying my drawing pens, pencils and water brushes.
2: My purse, it looks alot fuller than it really is. (wishful thinking!)
3: My iPod shuffle - gotta have the tunes! It has a pink skin on it that I modified but it is a little short, giving it a crop top kinda look.
4: My Diary. Plain old small diary, I fold the pages over as I go so I can get to the current day easily. Looks pretty cool too.
5: My Phone, with a cute little rubber froggy thing hanging from it.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Illustration Friday - Under the sea.

I drew this for the illustration friday prompt. I rarely do these (time restraints) but since I have I thought I'd post it. Black pen and prismacolors.

Illustration Friday - Fat

Not the most impressive drawing. For some reason I have trouble making both sides of a drawing the same. Black pen and prismacolors.

DD Prompt - draw a frog.

This prompt is right up my alley. Any excuse to draw a frog is a good one. Colour Pencil.

DD prompt - draw a sandal.

This one was drawn from my imagination in black pen and coloured with prismacolors.

EDM Challenge #66 (and #61)

The challenge for #66 is a to draw a fire hydrant and try as I might, I just couldn't find one to draw. I settled on drawing a fire extinguisher instead and as there were 3 different ones available to me at the time. I drew them all. So this also fits the challenge #61 to draw a grouping of 2 or more similar object. Pigma micron and prismacolors.

EDM Challenge #63 - Nature walk.

Go on a nature walk and draw what you find is the challenge. I went for a walk around the block at lunch time and picked a few things from peoples front gardens. I drew what survived the trip back to work in my pocket. Here is a lavender stalk and some other plant life, maybe someone will know what it is. Drawn with pigma micron .1 and coloured with prisma colors.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DD Prompt - Draw a balloon/Draw something Mum.

I drew the balloon first, that was obviously for the draw a balloon prompt. I went on to draw the flowers for the mum prompt and accidentally spilled over into the first drawing. I think they look good together. I like this one alot. Black pen and watercolour pencils again.

DD Prompt - Draw an Idylic place.

This is my image of an idylic place. Sand, Sea and sunset! Black pen and watercolour pencils again.

DD Prompt - Draw a fan.

This is my response to the daily drawing prompt of draw a fan. Black pen and watercolour pencils.

DD - Draw a bat.

Not one of the most brilliant drawings but nevertheless, there it is. This is my response to the Daily drawing prompt of draw a bat. I just realised, I could have drawn a cricket bat! Black pen and watercolour pencil.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Portrait Practice 3 and EDM Challenge #65 - Draw Noses.

I drew this portriat for practice. Its prismacolor on brown paper. I found it very hard to get the skin tones right. I need lots more practice on these. I see lots of mistakes but never mind, Theres always the next one! It is of course, Oprah.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

DD Prompt - Draw a rose.

This drawing was done using Prismacolors and burnishing. I love the way this one turned out.

DD prompt - Draw a CD cover

This is a small sketch of Savage Gardens CD done in black pen only.

DD Prompt - Draw something with spots/dots

This drawing is a cat (sortof) It's from the top of my head so its not really anatomically correct. Black pen and prismacolour.

DD prompt - draw a pyramid

This drawing was drawn in black pen and I used prismacolour to add colour.

More Boiler House Sketches

These sketches are the last of the boiler house sketches for a while, maybe forever. I have been relinquished of the responsibility of working in the boiler house unless in a relieving position and very soon, our Melbourne Network will no longer be looking after the western boiler house at all.

EDM Challenge #60 - Draw a car/part car

This sketch was done in the car as it was going. Thats why its a bit scratchy. I actually like this drawing alot. It isn't quite perspectively correct but, It is the drivers side interior of a 1999 Ford Falcon Ute.

Portrait Practice 2.

Can anyone guess who this is supposed to be?? I used Prismacolour pencils on white card and It looks very much like Melissa Gilbert from Little house on the prairie but, it is supposed to be Nicole Kidman. I need alot of practice getting the features just right if I want the images to look like who they are supposed to be. Practice, Practice I guess!

Portrait Practice.

This One was done for the WetCanvas Weekend Drawing Event last April 14th. It is a picture of the Hostesses father done in prismacolor pencil on pastel paper. The likeness isn't all that great but It was a fun and educational exercise. I enjoyed drawing this one and I love the way the shirt turned out!.