Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tag list 1 - Bag.

Penny http://pennyhackett-evans.blogspot.com/ tagged me. The challenge is to write or draw a list of five things from my purse, (I read bag), car, closet and fridge. I decided to draw the list but it turns out its a bigger job than i anticipated so I am going to post it in parts. This is part one - 5 things from my bag.
1: This is a wet suit material, sun glasses case I pulled out of a cereal box during an ironman promotion. It is perfect for carrying my drawing pens, pencils and water brushes.
2: My purse, it looks alot fuller than it really is. (wishful thinking!)
3: My iPod shuffle - gotta have the tunes! It has a pink skin on it that I modified but it is a little short, giving it a crop top kinda look.
4: My Diary. Plain old small diary, I fold the pages over as I go so I can get to the current day easily. Looks pretty cool too.
5: My Phone, with a cute little rubber froggy thing hanging from it.


Judy said...

I like these sketches. You can really tell a lot about a girl's personality by what she has in her purse.

Nice I-pod, too (so PINK!).

clare said...

Again some wonderfull drawings. I am not sure if I actualy commented on Oprah but Oh it is SUPERB!!! You have a great hand/eye for detail.

Lin said...

FABULOUS sketching, Shelly!!!! GREAT JOB!

Lin said...

FABULOUS sketching, Shelly!!!! GREAT JOB!

starrgirl's world said...

love these sketches. How fun to see what you are toting around!!

AnastasiaC said...

This is great - great drawings!
its on my to-do list as well!!

Jan Allsopp said...

I love this. Isn't it always a wonderful surprise how great normal things look when they are drawn.

Penny said...

Looking forward to all your "tag" posts Shelley!! Very fun!