Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Sketches.

Here are some sketches I did while in Noosa last week.
Lovely place to visit!
Drawn with a black pen and coloured with watercolour paints.
The sketchbook doesn't accept water very well at all and is only a 6 x 4 sketchbook so is difficult to hold. Never mind, I enjoyed the sketching anyway!
1: The quick snack ordered on the Virgin Blue flight to Maroochydore. Diet coke, crackers and cheese and some pringles! Just enuogh to get me there!
2: First morning on a walk to the beach, I came across this bush turkey.
Soon learned that they are the locals.3: This is the view of Coolum beach from the walk at Coolum.
4: I bought a postcard from Noosa with a frog photo on it and here is the drawing of the frog!
5: This is the lamp in the living area of the appartment we stayed in.
Great place to stay, the Sebel in Noosa, Right on Hastings street, a very short walk to the main beach in Noosa!
6: I needed some flip flops to wear on my morning beach walks so I could whip them off and carry them while I walked barefoot along the beach!
The walks were lovely and I was surprised by the amount of people already at the beach at 7 am!
I bought these thongs in Hastings street, Noosa!7: I had a surfing lesson while I was in Noosa, something I WILL be doing again! Loved it!
This is me catching a wave, drawn from a photo.9: The LifeSavers Lookout at one end of the beach.
Drawn from a photo taken on my morning walk when no one was around!
10: We went on an Everzglade river cruise.
This is an Egret seen that day. Drawn from a photo.
11: A fisherman seen on the Everglades cruise. Also drawn from photo.
12: Unidentified plant life drawn from a photo taken on the river cruise.
13: Lace Monitor drawn from photo, joined us for lunch at "Harrys Hut" on the Everglades day out.
14: This magpie joined us for lunch. We were at a little town called Montville.
Heaps of touristy shops and eateries!
Great place to visit and shop for souvineers.
I wanted to go there to see the candy being made at the "Candy Shop" and of course sample the ware!
15: The lamposts in Montville are very ornate and this s a drawing of one.
16: Being a fair skinned gal, I need plenty of this stuff!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

EDM Chalenges #141, #139 and #138.

Finally had a chance to complete some EDM challenges.
Here is #141 - Draw something with bristles. This is my dog Mollies squeaky ball thing.
This is # 139 - Draw something with a handle. The teapot.
And Here is #138 - Draw something soft.
This is a stuffed toy version of "Remy" from the animated movie "Ratatoulle`" I picked it up outof one of those claw/crane machines at an arcade at the Crown Casino in Melbourne!
Great fun winning it and great fun drawing it!
I saw the movie the week befrore I got this and was quite pleased when I got it!

These are all drawn in my cream coloured sketch book with a black pen and coloured with watercolour.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daily drawing prompts - October

Well, some of them anyway!
Been a bit hard to find time to draw the prompts lately but here are a few.
They are from prompts around the 20th. They are all digital drawings drawn in ArtRage using a tablet. Drawn from my imagination except the knight which I used a reference photo.

1. Draw a knight.
2. Draw an Owl.

3. Draw a car.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Draw something Blue.

This is another colour theme response.
Draw something blue - Blueberries.

Draw something Green and Draw something Orange.

These are drawn in response to the aily drawing colour thmes.
Something Green - Kiwi fruit and something Orange - well, an orange!
Both done using ArtRage.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colour theme week at daily drawing.

This seems like it might be fun.
I think I will try to actually complete the whole weeks worth.
I have been inspired by Anke's colour theme week idea and Barbaras apple painting.
Thanks, I needed a little inspiration to get drawing again.
Here are the first 2 drawn using ArtRage.
Red: Apple.
Yellow: Banana.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Daily Drawing Prompts.

Here are some of the recent Daily drawing prompts that I actually managed to do.
1: Draw a gnome.
2: Draw something spinning.
3: Draw an Iris.
4: Draw something "Ballet".

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

DD Prompt - Draw something with a deep sea theme.

This is my effort for the "deep sea" theme.
I did a quick sketch from a photo from online and then painted it using ArtRage.
I put a layer over the top in dark blue and changed the opacity to try and emulate the water but I think it just made it cloudy!
Never mind, a good time was had by all!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

EDM Challenge #131 - Draw a spray bottle.

This is my effort for the spray bottle challenge at Every Day Matters.
I used ArtRage (Digital Painting Program, check it out here: ambient design)
to draw this.
Not getting alot of time for the EDM challenges lately, hope this will improve soon.
Still creating lots of art, you can see what I've been doing at my Art blog here: My Art Blog

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scratchin' in Art Rage!

Daily Drawing Prompt- draw a cat with a ball of string.

This is done using Artrage, using a method based on those scratch things.

Top layer being black and using othe eraser to draw the image.

Colours on the bottom layer. Great Fun!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Daily Drawing Prompt-Virgo

I did this one using the stencil feature in ArtRage.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daily Drawing Promts x 2.

These were done with artrage.
I used the metallics for the goblet, its an interesting effect.
Draw a kite and Draw a goblet.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Daily Drawing prompt - Draw something to do with hunting.

This is my response to this prompt.
Created using ArtRage2.
A little bit of Rabbit Revenge.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

DD Prompt - Draw Some Marbles.

This is my response for the prompt - Draw some Marbles.

Monday, July 23, 2007

DD Prompts - Digital sketching.

Draw someone reading and Draw something Leo.
These are quick sketchy drawings done using Artrage.
I am trying out using Artrage as my sketchbook.
I quite like the process but I need lots of practice.

Friday, July 20, 2007

EDM Challenge #128 - Draw a view through a doorway into another room.

This is the view into the hallway and on to the lounge that I can see from my computer.
This is done using Artrage2.
Its good to be drawing! 190707.

Daily Drawing Prompt - Draw a map.

This is my treasure map.
A little uninspired but I quite like the paper!
Drawn using artrage2.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

DD Prompt - Draw something sweet.

Not very imaginative but at least I'm drawing.
I guess this qualifies for the something sweet prompt.
A quick drawing in Artrage.
Gotta love the blue / orange colour combo though!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Playing Around with ArtRage!

Daily Drawing Prompt - Draw made up plant.
Painted in Artrage.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Daily Drawing Prompt - Draw something fragrant!

This is my response for the Daily Drawing prompt - Dra something fragrant. This one actually looks too new to be smelly! Digital drawing using artrage and photoshop finish.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Daily drawings

Here are my most recent responses to the daily drawing prompts.

1. draw something pink.
2. Draw a source of water.
These are both drawn using Artrage and a drawing tablet. Cropped and Finished in photoshop.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

EDM Challenge #116 - draw something green.

This is an ATC I painted for an ATC exchange but it definitely passes for this challenge.
I used watercolour pencil, acrylic, thin coloured markers and thick black marker on watercolour card.
I love the way it came out and may find it hard to part with!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

WetCanvas Scavenger Hunt #35

I tried to complete the list from the scavenger hunt #35, held at the Wetcanvas Art From Life Forum.
Here is what I finished:

This is what they are:
1. ceramic animal. frog ornament.
2. something brass. brass frog ornament.
4. a single flower, up close and personal.
5. something new you purchased this week. paint brushes.
6. fingers and/or toes.
7. Odd shaped bottle.
8. a game piece from any game.
9. something a chef would use. measuring cup.
10. potato chip or cracker. salada.
11. something you push or pull. 4 colour pen.
12. something on your refrigerator. frog magnet.
13. something that annoys you and challenge #2 - draw something inside a puzzle piece. pegging out washing annoys me.
14. 3 links of a chain.
15. what you keep spare change in. a jug.
16. something with a flower on it. oven mitt.
17. inside of a shell. glass ornament, frog inside of shell.
18. something you measure. flour.
19. something your least favourite colour. black / grey - shoe polish.
20. #3 of 3 strange things in your house. pigeon trophy.
21. a tongue.
22. #1 and #2 of: 3 strange things in your house. knob and joiner thing.

The Ones I missed:
3-item still life in blue (or 3 blue items)
½ of your face
An “owie” (bruise, cut, scar, etc.)
a bowl of something
something that reminds you of a baby
a way to say “I love you.
Challenge #1: toes on the hand/fingers on the foot.
Challenge #3: Make one of your items look like it is melting or sagging.

Oh well,
Better luck next time!