Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Sketches.

Here are some sketches I did while in Noosa last week.
Lovely place to visit!
Drawn with a black pen and coloured with watercolour paints.
The sketchbook doesn't accept water very well at all and is only a 6 x 4 sketchbook so is difficult to hold. Never mind, I enjoyed the sketching anyway!
1: The quick snack ordered on the Virgin Blue flight to Maroochydore. Diet coke, crackers and cheese and some pringles! Just enuogh to get me there!
2: First morning on a walk to the beach, I came across this bush turkey.
Soon learned that they are the locals.3: This is the view of Coolum beach from the walk at Coolum.
4: I bought a postcard from Noosa with a frog photo on it and here is the drawing of the frog!
5: This is the lamp in the living area of the appartment we stayed in.
Great place to stay, the Sebel in Noosa, Right on Hastings street, a very short walk to the main beach in Noosa!
6: I needed some flip flops to wear on my morning beach walks so I could whip them off and carry them while I walked barefoot along the beach!
The walks were lovely and I was surprised by the amount of people already at the beach at 7 am!
I bought these thongs in Hastings street, Noosa!7: I had a surfing lesson while I was in Noosa, something I WILL be doing again! Loved it!
This is me catching a wave, drawn from a photo.9: The LifeSavers Lookout at one end of the beach.
Drawn from a photo taken on my morning walk when no one was around!
10: We went on an Everzglade river cruise.
This is an Egret seen that day. Drawn from a photo.
11: A fisherman seen on the Everglades cruise. Also drawn from photo.
12: Unidentified plant life drawn from a photo taken on the river cruise.
13: Lace Monitor drawn from photo, joined us for lunch at "Harrys Hut" on the Everglades day out.
14: This magpie joined us for lunch. We were at a little town called Montville.
Heaps of touristy shops and eateries!
Great place to visit and shop for souvineers.
I wanted to go there to see the candy being made at the "Candy Shop" and of course sample the ware!
15: The lamposts in Montville are very ornate and this s a drawing of one.
16: Being a fair skinned gal, I need plenty of this stuff!


Genine said...

Great drawings, I especialy like the fisherman.

Lynn said...

What a gorgeous reminder of your vacation. They are all wonderful, but that egret is just beautiful!

Roshanda said...

These are great! It sounds like a fun trip.

Alanna said...

I really enjoy your sketches! Thanks for visiting my blog. As for startign a new sketchbook, you've just got to do it! The first one is the hardest.
I got this BEAUTIFUL sketchbook/journal from my boyfriend's mom for Christmas and it is SO intimidating! It just oozes beauty and tells me "use me for something special" I'm a little nervous to "ruin" it...