Tuesday, April 25, 2006

DD prompt - draw someone/thing running

Another drawing done using the graphics tablet. I think I need to get myself one of those wooden movable mannequin so I can see what the human form looks like running!! I have put the drawing on a background photo just for the fun of it. I like it!

DD prompt - draw an insect.

I drew this using the graphics tablet, then I layered the bug on top of some grass.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Mouths - Practice with pencils.

Still working from the "portraits with pencils" book. Here are some more of the practice exercises. I am looking forward to moving on to the ears. The grey paper images are done using layering and the others are done using burnishing. I much prefer the finished effect of the burnishing method but am using up my prismacolors at an alarming rate!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ninas Challenge - Draw Ninas portrait.

Inspired by Pennyshttp://pennyhackett-evans.blogspot.com/ drawing for Ninas challenge http://nine-ah.livejournal.com/111166.html I decided to have a go myself. I am happy with the way this came out! I used prismacolors on pale pink paper and it took me about an hour. Thanks Penny and thanks Nina! This is my first colour pencil portrait and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

EDM Challenge #53 - Draw a mouth.

I have been working my way through a "colour pencil portrait" book. Practicing the facial features and using different pencils on different papers in preparation for a colour pencil portrait I want to do. Faces are not my strong point so I aim to improve in this area. Here I have used Derwent Studio, Monte Marte and Prismacolour coloured pencils on different types of card.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Holiday Sketches

I tried to sketch a few of the holiday makers while in Mallacoota last. Still a bit scared to do them front on, I think these aren't too bad.
The right one was done using graphite and so didn't scan very well. The others are done using a black pen.

Boiler House Sketches

I have been working in the boiler house for the past few weeks and so a few of my sketchbook sketches have been from here. I find a little sketching time as I wait for the boilers to come online. These are done using a black pen and a black marker for the darks in the hatch drawing.

DD prompt - draw a dragonfly

This prompt was created using a black pen and coloured pencils again. I really love how this came out. The colours look great! Well I think so anyhow.

DD prompt - draw a plane

Another simple drawing with the black pen.

DD Prompt - draw a tool

Very simple black pen drawing of a shifting spanner. Coloured with coloured pencils.

DD prompt - draw a dragon

This is one of the Daily Drawing prompts from the last month. I have found it a bit difficult to find drawing time but managed a few. I drew this one using black pen and coloured pencils.