Thursday, June 29, 2006

DD prompt - Draw Something to do with photography,

I drew 2 of my old cameras using ink and watercolour pencils. The first one is my old Minolta Weathermatic underwater camera which I love and will never part with. This camera gives the best snaps above the water ever. This second one is A Pentax 135mm Zoom camera I bought just before I was given a digital as a Christmas gift and has hardly ever been used but I will keep it because it is too good to throw out and I don't know what else to do with it. I find I am missing the negatives you used to get with you photos.

DD prompt - Draw an arm/Draw a Statue.

This is Michelangelo's Statue of David. I took lots of time to draw this freehand copy of a photograph. It isn't quite right and the face is way out but I like the shading on the muscles and the hand that I did draw. Graphite.

DD prompt - Draw a Local landmark.

This is a drawing of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. Draw with black pen and watercolour pencils.

For more than a century the grand Edwardian baroque building of Flinders Street Station has dominated Melbourne's southern boundary. The design was selected by an architectural competition held in 1902, and the red brick and golden cream stucco building was constructed between 1905 and 1910.
Trains had been arriving at Flinders Street since 1854. The present building is the most spectacular of a number that have stood on the site. Stretching along Flinders Street for more than a city block, and boasting grand archways and an expansive ballroom, it is public architecture on a majestic scale — a symbol of the importance of railways to the growth of the city and its suburbs.
Flinders Street Station has become far more than a place of transit. Meeting 'under the clocks' is a Melbourne institution, and the building arguably remains the city's principal landmark. Recently refurbished and repainted, Flinders Street Station is as resplendent today as ever.

EDM Challenge #42 - Draw a local City Landmark

This is the Melbourne Aquarium. It is just a recent addition to the city by a few years and sits on the Yarra river on the opposite side to the Crown Casino. I have visited the Aquarium 3 times and loved every time. I am a big aquarium buff and have been to most of the Aquariums on the east coast of Australia, I just love them. They are quiet, serene and beautiful. This is drawn with black pen and watercolour pencils.

EDM Challenge #39 - Draw your toothbrush.

I am getting better with using just the ink pen all the time!! This is a challenge from ages ago but I am working my way through all of them slowly. I used the black pen and watercolour pencils for this one.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

DD Prompt - Draw a Monkey.

The first little drawing I drew while watching TV with no reference material so while cute, it's not very right so I decided to garner an image of a monkey and draw it. Both are drawn with a Pitt brush pen and the second has watercolour pencil as well.

Illustration Friday - Dance.

This was drawn for the Illustration Friday theme of Dance. I drew this from my imagination and the girls face is a bit wrong but, I'm quite pleased witht he rest of the drawing. Its done with black pen and watercolour pencils.

Friday, June 23, 2006

EDM Challenge #68 - Draw your Computer.

This isn't actually my computer at home. I have been working at the Williamstown Hospital this week and this is the computer on the desk over there. It is a little messily set up and very old as well! Black pen and watercolour pencils.

EDM Challenge # 35 - Draw A (or part of a) Bicycle.

I drew this Challenge months ago (October 2005) but never posted my drawing because I wasn't very happy with the result. I have decided to post it along with this second attempt at the challenge today. The first try was done with graphite and the second is black pen and watercolour pencils.

EDM Challenge #29 - Draw something Architectural.

I drew this picture using a clipping from the Real Estate pages of the local newspaper. I liked the look of this house. Drawn with black pen and watercolour pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw foam.

I cheated a little on this one. Instead of foam Ive drawn the container. I've drawn a foam type fire extinguisher. I used a picture of one I found online to do this drawing. Black pen and watercolour pencil.

DD Prompt - Draw the zodiac Cancer.

I think Cancer is the crab. Well thats what I drew for this prompt anyway! Drawn from my mind using Black pen and watercolour pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw something Hot.

This is just a quickie drawing. I dont know why eggs because you wont even find any at my house. No one who lives here eats them! Just thought hot?.....eggs. Go figure! Black pen and watercolour pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw something you see when you wake up.

This drawing was scanned after the ink drawing was finished and I added colour in PhotoShop.
It is of course an alarm Clock Radio. It may resemble the one we have in the bedroom but i drew it from my head so it will be quite aways off!

DD Prompt - Draw a beach scene.

This drawing was inspired by a photograph in the travel section of the newspaper taken in Mauritius. I have been holding on to the clipping for months wanting to one day paint this scene but never got around to it. This is close enough to a painting. Not quite the oil masterpiece I was imagining when I first seen the pic in the paper! Watercolour pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw a famous painting differently.

I drew this "Square Pearl" from my imagination/memory of Vermere's "Girl with a pearl ear ring." in a cubism type style. Not very Vermere like and somewhat masculine but, fun to do. Black pen and watercolour pencils.

Friday, June 16, 2006

DD Prompt - Draw a bird in flight.

Digital drawing - I used a photo and I took of the pigeons flying and drew a quick sketch one of them freehand using the graphite tablet and then added some colour. This bird is coming in to land. I like how it has come out.

DD Prompt - Draw something voilet or purple.

I took my inspiration for this drawing from a photo. It is an Iris drawn with prismacolor pencils and burnished with the colourless blender. I love the way this came out. The vivid colour and the blending. I am in love with the colourless blender I think. I am using it to death!

DD Prompt - Draw someone working.

This is a sketch from my imagination. I must have been thinking about cooking at the time and I just let this happen. I am not good at drawing people from the front so I didn't! Its a chef/cook at work. I was pleased with the way this one came out and about. Not quite right but getting there! Graphite.

DD Prompt - Draw a parrot in its natural surroundings.

I drew this one from my imagination (obviously). Its supposed to be a rosella in a gum tree. I'm sure the leaves on the branch are pretty close! The bird on the other hand has the quality of a prehistoric bird. Enjoyed stretching my mind on this one. Black pen and prismacolor pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw a skull.

I drew this one from The "Anatomy and Figure drawing Handbook", Not the greatest of drawings, I tried to use cross hatching to give difinition and depth and cross hatching it seems is not my strong point. Drawn with black pen and prismacolor pencil colour.

DD Prompt - draw something small, close up.

This is about all I could find that could hold my interest long enough to draw it! Since I was curled up on the couch, wrapped up in a doona at the time it was also the easiest to set up to draw. My trusty derwent metal sharpener! I drew this with black pen and the colour is prismacolor color stick.

DD Prompt - Draw a doll.

This drawing was done in response to the prompt of "draw a doll". I like the idea. Drawn from my imagination with prismacolor pencils and burnished. I tried to give the doll a bit of dimention but I don't think I succeeded very well. Never mind, I had fun doing it anyhow!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

EDM Challenge #70 - Draw something you fear.

This was a difficult challenge for me because I couldn't think of anything I am scared of or fear. I finally remembered when I am put back in the boiler house after a long absence from it I am totally petrified. All the load noises going on from every where freak me out. You don't know if they are normal, supposed to be there or what's going on. My heart races and I shake. I keep looking over my shoulder every time I hear a new noise while I am doing the chemical tests...Freaking out! It takes about 3 days on the job to get used to all the freaky noises.
This is a picture of boiler No. 1. There are three in the boiler house. Drawn in my sketchbook with black pen. I might colour it one day.

DD Prompt - Draw something tangled.

Oh No! My fishing line is all tangled up!
Black pen and prismacolors.

DD Prompt - Draw something/someone from a movie.

Pretty poor effort on this one but at the time I don't think I could be bothered thinking too hard so this is all I drew.
Black pen and prismacolors.

DD Prompt - Draw your house.

This is my drawing of our house, without the white picket fence. I am not sure if the roof is correct. I don't think I have ever looked at it so I just guessed. Still now I don't know! Black pen and prismacolors.

DD prompt- Draw something "One thousand and one nights"

This is about all I could come up with for this theme. Its supposed to be an genie on a flying carpet. Black pen and prismacolors.

DD Prompt- Draw an extinct animal.

I don't know how anatomically correct this drawing is as I drew it from what I think a Tasmanian Tiger looks like. I guess from photos and images I have seen during my life. Black pen and Prismacolors.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

DD prompt - Draw a monster.

As you can see I have never really seen a monster. I was going for the sasquwatch kinda look but I think this guy is too cute to be a monster. I used the black pen and prismacolors and I really enjoyed creating this one.

DD prompt - Draw a space vessel.

This is a cute, but quick little drawing of a space ship. Black pen and prismacolors.

DD Prompt - Draw something folk tale.

Another very lazy drawing. I have used my trusty black pen and prismacolors to draw this gingerbread house.

DD prompt - Draw a shell.

I think I was being a little lazy and didn't want to stretch my imagination very far with this one. I have used a black pen and my lovely prismacolor pencils.

DD Prompt - Draw a candleholder.

I remember years and years ago, You could buy these copper candle holders that you could insert a box of matches into. I still have one floating around here somewhere and I see it occasionally whaen I am hunting for something else. This is what I think it looks like! If not exactly it will not be far off. They are probably still available somewhere. I haven't seen a box of matches for years so that's why this one never gets a guernsey. Well the one I have that may look something like this.