Saturday, July 23, 2005

DD prompt - draw something in pure black and white. I have been wanting to give stippling a go for quite somtime now and this was the perfect opportunity. I used an image from the cover of an old nature magazine, drew it in pencil and then just stippled where I thought I should. I like the result and will give this technique another go soon. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw sombody riding something other than a horse. A pixie riding a Dragon? It is either a very small dragon or a very big pixie. I think, small dragon. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw an improved image from a movie. This is from "War of the worlds". I went to see this just after it was released and I thought it was great. I love a bit of science fiction and this was a fun film! Well I thought so anyway. This image isn't actually an improved version of an image. Just a sort of cartoonised version! Black pen and watercolour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a rain scene. Just a quick sketch of an umbrella with rain hitting it. I'm not very good at the cross hatching for shading caper. I guess thats really the aim of the prompts, practice! Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw something with scales. I drew this Cobra/Rattler snake. Funny what you can find in your head at times!! Maybe there really is one? Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a super hero. I made up my own little super hero and called him "Banger Boy" He cooks burgers and bangers with his xray eyes. His secret identity is Leonard Banger. Whenever there is a total fire ban, he is our hero, cooking up sausages, chops and chicken wings with a single blast from his xray eyes. His only weakness is tomato sauce. just the smell can make him go weak at the knees. Drawn with black pen and watercolour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD promt - draw something to do with ice, I think it was! I drew this ce machine. i see them every day since i work in the maintenance section of a large hospital! Drawn with black pen and watercolour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a flying machine. I drew the first image of a air ship while at work and decided to find an image online to see if they actually look like that. I was a little out. The bottom picture is drawn from a photo I seen online. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a Demon or devil. This is a rather sad little demon who somewhat resembles a frog in body.  Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a cave. This is like a cross section image of what I imagine the inside of a cave looks like. Probably inspired by the nintendo game Yoshi's Story. Not that I have played the game for awhile but the picture reminds me of a part in it. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - Draw your favourite book cover. This is a rough sketch of the cover of the book i just finished. It was writen by an authur I have never read before, Boris Starling, and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it and had trouble putting it down. Not recommended for the squeamish! Posted by Picasa

EDM Challenge #24 - draw fruit

I drew this apple half using watercolour pencils. I used a little artistic liscense as I didn't have an apple available to me at the time I drew the picture but It looks ok to me. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

EDM challenge #23 - Draw your foot!

I have drawn The picture on the right in graphite of my feet crossed on the coffee table as I draw! The picture on the left is a drawing I did in march this year with charcoal. I really love the charcoal one better than the graphite one. It was drawn in an A4 Sketch book so is much bigger than the pencil one too. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

DD prompt - draw an animal or plant you see every day. I have this Slinky Kermy Hanging in front of the calender. I see him every day. He was given to me by a good friend. He has a spring for a body and stands (or hangs) about 12 inches unsprung. Since I am an avid frog lover, I think he is cute as. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw something chocolate. This is a picture from my memory of a choc and nut coated soft cone. Mr Whippie used to come around the streets during the long summer evenings when we were young and we used to beg our mum to get us an ice cream from the musical van. It was great fun. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a tower. I drew this tower and thought it looked a bit lonely so I drew the dragon on top. I love how this drawing has come out too as it is completely from my imagination, which has been getting a really good workout with these prompts lately. 6 months ago if someone had asked me to draw anything, I would not have been able to draw it let alone think of what to draw. I think these prompts help alot. Again I have used my black pen and watercolour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a comic strip. This is my first ever comic strip and is not funny at all. I was really trying to tell a story with few pictures. I like how it came out and I feel there is hope for me yet. I just need to inject some humour.!! This is done with the trusty black pen and my watercolour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a tool of art. I seem to be using this tool quite alot. I love using my coloured pencils and I am wearing them all down pretty quickly. Great tool! Drawn with black pen and watercolour pencils. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw yourself in cartoon form. This is what I think I would look like as a cartoon. Except for the fact that I don't waer dresses...ever!! Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a line from a song. This is one of my favourite songs at this time. It's Dido - Sand in my shoes. I love this song heaps because I am hanging for a the beach would be nice! Posted by Picasa
EDM Challenge #22 - Draw an article of clothing. I think this drawing should qualify. I drew it while sitting outside in my backyard. It is the clothesline (obviuosly) with clothes hanging on it. I drew this drawing using colour pencils. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 02, 2005

DD prompt - Draw a movie poster of the movie "Dude, my pants are on fire". Lots of fun to do this one and I think it came out well. I tried to make it look like those old time posters from the 60s that were drawings too. Oh, I just noticed I forgot to colour in the flowers at the tree base!!! Never mind! I used the old black pen trick and colour pencils for this drawing. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw a sad face, make it real! Well this is about as real as it gets around here. she's probably sad because she has no clothes!! Just a quick little black pen and watercolour drawing. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw an old being. Here is a little drawing of a lady. Supposed to be old but looking a little too spry to be very old. Her walking frame looks like some kind of ride and she looks like shes having a great time. Posted by Picasa
DD prompt - draw whats outside your window. I am looking through the window of the boiler house in the hospital where I work, into the next plant room full of plant. Here you can see a large air compressor of some description and next to it there is pipework and a suction unit, then lots more pipework. Top right you can see the stairwell leading up onto the roof where the chillers and large air cooling units are located. I think if you don't work in this type of environment you will have no idea of what you are looking at here. Sorry! It really is a large room with tangles of pipework and large machinery to supply air conditioning the hospital. Posted by Picasa