Saturday, April 14, 2007

WetCanvas Scavenger Hunt #35

I tried to complete the list from the scavenger hunt #35, held at the Wetcanvas Art From Life Forum.
Here is what I finished:

This is what they are:
1. ceramic animal. frog ornament.
2. something brass. brass frog ornament.
4. a single flower, up close and personal.
5. something new you purchased this week. paint brushes.
6. fingers and/or toes.
7. Odd shaped bottle.
8. a game piece from any game.
9. something a chef would use. measuring cup.
10. potato chip or cracker. salada.
11. something you push or pull. 4 colour pen.
12. something on your refrigerator. frog magnet.
13. something that annoys you and challenge #2 - draw something inside a puzzle piece. pegging out washing annoys me.
14. 3 links of a chain.
15. what you keep spare change in. a jug.
16. something with a flower on it. oven mitt.
17. inside of a shell. glass ornament, frog inside of shell.
18. something you measure. flour.
19. something your least favourite colour. black / grey - shoe polish.
20. #3 of 3 strange things in your house. pigeon trophy.
21. a tongue.
22. #1 and #2 of: 3 strange things in your house. knob and joiner thing.

The Ones I missed:
3-item still life in blue (or 3 blue items)
½ of your face
An “owie” (bruise, cut, scar, etc.)
a bowl of something
something that reminds you of a baby
a way to say “I love you.
Challenge #1: toes on the hand/fingers on the foot.
Challenge #3: Make one of your items look like it is melting or sagging.

Oh well,
Better luck next time!

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Africantapestry said...

What a great list of 'stuff'! Love the jug and flour, but they are all beautifully drawn with great colors.