Monday, April 02, 2007

A few EDM Challenges!

Every Day Matters is a yahoo group. They issue a weekly drawing challenge I try to participate in when I get some time. These are some catch up challenge drawings.

EDM Challenge #111 - Draw a bowl. Watercolour pencil and black pen on cartridge.
EDM Challenge #106 - draw something tart or sour. Watercolour pencil on cartridge.
EDM Challenge #109 - Draw a clock at your house. Anyone who knows me knows I collect frogs and all things froggy. It just so happens I have a froggy clock. This is a pretty cute fishing frog clock. Black pen and water colour pencil.
EDM Challenge #52 - Draw a dog and Challenge #62 - Complete a previous challenge in a different medium.
This is a water colour pencil drawing of my dog Molly. The eyes and ears are too small but it looks surprisingly similar to miss Molly!!
EDM Challenge #56 - Draw a self portrait. Kinda looks a little like me with a flat nose. Drawn with black pen and a little wash from the drawn lines.


Teri C said...

Wow Shelley!! these are just wonderful, colorful and fun sketches. I wanted to pick out a favorite but I can't. I love them all. Well, okay, the froggy clock is especially cute :)

phthaloblu said...

Wonderful! You are making me feel like a slacker. The dog is just awesome. Great work!

Barbara said...

As a person currently living with three dogs, I'd say that your portrait of Molly is wonderful! - Barbara