Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tag List 2 - Car.

These are the drawings for my second list. 5 things in my car. I keep my car pretty empty but there are these few things in it.
1:This flat battery came out of my beeper and has been sitting in the console for months.
2: Next is the remote control for our roller door at home. It is beside the house and gives access to the rear carport. It is usually in Lindsays (other halfs) car and I park out the front but for this week only Lindsay has a company car so I get to take the remote and park inside, Very nice it has been too!
3: The eTag is a device used by Citylink to collect tolls. I use the freeway (free- Not!) to get to work each morning and it is a tolled road in places. You have to top up your account every so often when the eTag beeps 3 times instead of 1.
4: This card allows me to open the boom gate to get into the car park at work.
5: This is a steering lock I bought when I bought my first car and it has traveled from car to car over the years. Last car I had, it didn't even fit the steering wheel and I haven't even tried it on the current car but for some reason I like to keep it around.

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Alison said...

All of these tags are such fun - you have put a lot of effort into them. Thanks for sharing