Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is a drawing of one of the hand weights I made after a back injury, so I could do the recommended excercises for strengthening my stomach muscles, at work. I don't use them anymore but have held onto them. I made them out of bits and pieces lying around the workshop during one morning tea break! There is large allthread in the middle with a stainless steel sleeve as the handgrip. Many large washers together as the weights and a large nut each end to keep it all together and add to the weight. They weigh about 700gms each.
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Anonymous said...

Shelly --this is so cool! I *love* the colors and the lines. It really works well as a painting! If you have more items like this you could do a series. They would look terrific. I love how you are able to make things like this..I could never make weights.

just pat

Nina said...

Hi! How did you use these weights at work? I love the colors of this one! Your recorder looks great as well!