Friday, September 08, 2006

Daily Drawing Prompts.

I didn't get alot of time for drawing this week but I did come up with these few. They are all drawn with a black pen and coloured with watercolour pencils. I have a bit of a thing for the watercolour pencils this week and playing with layering colours together to try to create dimension.

1. For the prompt - Draw a treasure chest, I have drawn this wooden trunk with coins in it. I tried to give it an old worlde kind of look but I think it looks a bit more western. I think the coins came out pretty successfully.
2. For this next prompt - Draw a doughnut, I have well, drawn a doughnut, or two. Again, layering colours to try to create dimension. I was going to do a chocolate one with the pink one but, I thought that would be a little too much brown!
3. This next drawing was just for a little fun. Its from the front of a cheap greeting card. The shell came out all wrong but I still like the way the turtle came out on the whole.4. Lastly, This one was draw for the Prompt - Draw something to do with Bees. This kind of came out looking like a hornets nest...or not, actually, I don't know what a hornets nest looks like! Ok, Its a Bee Condo!


faeorain said...

These drawings are wonderful! Very colorful....I love bright colors on the beehive and the turtle and I think maybe I should not have looked at these before I had breakfast....the doughnuts are making me hungry and I have none here :) Nice work!

Alison said...

Oh, I especially like the doughnuts - they are so (disgustingly) real looking - I used to love doughnuts but now i can't stand to eat them :)

Marie-Dom said...

These are superb. I also particularly like the doughnuts. Lovely use of colour.

Felicity said...

The turtle is so cute!

Patty said...

Wow! I love the doughnuts, they look I tried to pick 'em up off the screen. Well done

Patty said...

Wow! I love the doughnuts, they look SO REAL I tried to pick 'em up off the screen. Well done

Marilyn said...

I fell in love with the doughnuts. I also loved the daybag and the fish. Your style is fun.

Anke said...

Those are great1 I especially like the turtle and the treasure chest. The purple shadows on the treasure chest worked out great :)