Saturday, July 01, 2006

EDM Challenge #71 - Draw something representing your Fav. Sport.

This is by no means representational of my favourite sport (which, by the way, is rollerblading for participation and diving for watching.) but a small watercolour for a bit of fun. Not my best medium, I am trying to learn to paint with watercolours, not because I want to be proficient or even a half good watercolourist. I just want to know what I'm dealing with when I do choose to use them. I found this photo of this little pup running with the ball and decided I couldn't not try to paint him/her.


Penny said...

Love the last few drawings, havent had time to visit for a while. Great job of the aquarium.

Jennifer said...

Cute pup! Love how you did the background. I really do need to learn how to work with watercolors. I love the look so much!

Linda B said...

fantastic I love it!