Thursday, March 24, 2005

EDM Challenge # 7. Well if this isn't a challenge made for me!! Raid the kitchen cupboard, one of my favourite things to do, draw what you find, another favourite thing to do. I enjoyed this challenge very much. I have done a quick ink sketch and used water colours to add a bit of colour. Posted by Hello


Maggie said...

Very nice. I'm trying to get up the courage to try ink and watercolour... Not used watercolour (other than Gouache which is a bit different) since I was a child. I used to get very frustrated with it back then as it was so wishy washy. I never had poster paints back then, prob would have enjoyed those more!

Nancy said...

Pen and wash is my favourite. Nice picture -- but what is in that bottle in the front?

Linda said...

Shelly -- I like these very much! (And I recognize the front bottle -- honey soy marinade -- yum!) I'm like you -- found that I really have enjoyed drawing the kitchen stuff and am even thinking of doing a kitchen journal on its own. Your drawing looks like it would be a great addition to a heirloom cookbook!

Jim said...

Now there's a good idea, a kitchen journal . . . then how about a living room journal? . . . or a bedroom journal . . . a closet journal? . . . Or how about a GARAGE journal? . . . Yard . maybe not that one..

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nine_ah said...

Great job! I love your dragon fly as well! Thanks for visiting my site!

9-ah (EDM)

Robyn said...

I'm sorry that I missed this one last week, especially since it was from a fellow Aussie. I love your drawing - it shows the multicultural nature of the Australian kitchen.

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