Sunday, April 03, 2005

The challenge this week is to draw a pile, any pile. Well I have done a quick sketch of the art side of my desk. (the other side holds the computer gear.) I was just browsing through a Watercolour for beginners book, looking for some inspiration when I decided to do the drawing.  Posted by Hello


Linda said...

Nice painting! Fun -- doing a painting of a picture of a painting ... it could just go on and on, couldn't it! :-) Your piles are VERY organized, by the way.

u l a n said...

i love art accoutrements! i think i'm one of those people who love art not just for the art itself but for the art supplies!

hey shelly, thanks for posting a comment on my blog. about drawing on my journal spread --- my journal lies flat open. i make my own journal books and i use coptic binding. it allows the book to lie open flat =)

Robyn said...

That's not a pile - it's a work in progress - and a very nice painting of one at that!

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Janey said...

I'm journal challenged and everytime someone draws their journal I just look at my new year's resolution list and sigh. Oh this is my absolutely favorite shade of green.