Sunday, March 23, 2008

EDM #159 - Draw a favourite cooking tool.

I love jaffles so this would have to be one of my favourite cooking tools.
Black pen and water soluble crayon.
I had to brighten this alot as the photo was prety dark.


SCquiltaddict said...

so what is a jaffle? like a waffle? we love waffles!

Carie said...

I just loved looking at your EDM challenges, especially the frogs. What a great way to start my day - with a smile. Thank you.


Scarlett said...

Thanks for the nice compliment when you visited my blog.

And yes, what is a jaffle?

Ann said...

I was wondering about jaffles myself. Great drawing though!

Shelly McC said...

O.K, Just for the curious, a jaffle is 2 slices of bread, spread with butter/marg., put one of them in a "sandwich maker" (that I grew up knowing as a jaffle iron, originally made to cook over an open fire.) buttered side out, add a filling, second slice of bread on top, buttered side out. Close lid of "sandwich maker", allow to cook till golden brown and whala~ Jaffle. Especially great when left over casseroles, stews, curries etc or baked beans used as filling! Mmmmmm....making me hungry just thinking about jaffles!!

Lynn said...

It's a lovely jaffle cooker, with great colors. My mom makes jaffles with apple pie filling inbetween the bread.

Quilt Knit said...

Shelly: Sorry, I am still confused about what this drawing is of- a toaster? Waffle iron? I just cannot grasp what it really is all about. Who manufactors this applinace for Jaffles or Waffles?
Is the Panini cooker?